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Born in Arusha, Tanzania, David Arrey encountered God and received revelation about his purpose to deliver people through prophetic deliverance, mentoring, and empowering them to walk in their purpose in the U.S. and worldwide. The word of God was revealed to David over the years through spiritual guidance and revelation.

The mission God has given David is to empower people through prophetic deliverance, words of wisdom, faith, and the prophetic. As this life-changing assignment continues to evolve, countless people are experiencing breakthroughs and testimonies through David's website, live broadcasts, books, blogs, and one-on-one sessions.

Today, David is a dynamic entrepreneur, author and speaker. His primary focus is to serve through church under his spiritual parents, Prophet Passion Java and Prophetess Lily Java, who have been incredibly influential in his life and his growth in the prophetic. David is the founder and CEO of two successful businesses: a digital marketing agency, Arrey Studio, and a beauty store, Arvoni Beauty.

God is increasing the ministry and bringing souls from all corners of the globe to be delivered and set free. As a result of his work which the Holy Spirit inspires, you will see how following Christ and giving your life to him means you can achieve great things.

You can connect with David Arrey in eight ways: Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact him at or through his website

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